This is Myth and the Bible

A brand new approach to interpreting many Biblical stories. Yes, myth has been used as a template of comparison for Bible stories for centuries, but most Biblical scholars treat the ancient, oral tradition as a literate medium. This is errant. Meanwhile, scholars critical of Biblical historicity treat the myths reductively, either as elements of nature worship or primitive stories for primitive purposes. This is also errant.

The Oral Imprinting Press

Join Dr. Lundwall as he explores Biblical stories using a novel interpretive template he calls The Oral Imprinting Press. Oral cultures synthesize their cultural memories within a multi-layered framework wherein memories are repeated and memorized within different mediums.

These mediums include archetypal stories (myths) wed to the natural environment of sky and earth (cosmology) and acted out in seasonal rites and festivals (liturgies). All these mediums are bound together in a sacral space eventually called The Temple.

A New Exploration

Once one understands the dynamics of the Oral Imprinting Press, one can begin to deconstruct elements in the Biblical narrative and realign them to the necessities of oral culture.

Myth and the Bible is an excitingly new exploration of Biblical history, story, theology, cosmology, and philosophy. While Dr. Lundwall contradicts many traditional interpretations of the Bible, his work remains both respectful and sympathetic to the Biblical values that underwrite Western Civilization.

M.A.B. Videos

Follow Dr. Lundwall’s video presentations as he explores the history and text of the Bible. Remember, presentations labeled with a “T” follow the Biblical text; presentations labeled with a “C” discuss critical concepts from Dr. Lundwall’s work. Enjoy!

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