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Archaeoastronomy Project of Fremont Indian State Park

Fremont Indian State Park (F.I.S.P.)

Join Dr. Lundwall and John McHugh as they research the sacred landscape and ancient petroglyphs and pictographs of the Fremont Indians. Here is where photos, videos, journal entries, and essays on the project will be recorded. The Fremont culture is a pre-Columbian group identified by shared archaeological patterns in their cultural artifacts. They inhabited what is now present-day Utah (portions of Colorado, Nevada, and Idaho) from approximately 300 to 1300 CE. The largest Fremont settlement yet discovered is in Clear Creek Canyon in Sevier County, Utah, and the location of Fremont Indian State Park and Museum. F.I.S.P. is the launch pad of our archaeastronomy study.

While running a star party at the Park, Dr. Lundwall noticed a poignant shadow crossing over a large, geometric, petroglyph panel. Lundwall theorized that the shadow may line up with particular features of the petroglyph through the year and may have been used for calendric purposes. He contacted John McHugh, a trained archaeologist with a specialty in Southwestern cultures, and together they formed the Archaeoastronomy Project of Fremont Indian State Park.

Both partners have developed a multi-year plan to investigate the petroglyphs at the Park. Please consider contributing to this study by purchasing anything on this website (as these funds go to financing this project) or by donating directly on our DONATE NOW page. This project is privately funded (mostly by Dr. Lundwall) and any contributions in any amount are greatly appreciated.

F.I.S.P. Videos

Follow our progress as we steadily put together our findings in a series of video presentations.

F.I.S.P. Gallery

Welcome to the F.I.S.P. Gallery of photographs. John’s photos track Fremont culture throughout Utah and beyond. Please consider joining us by purchasing a signed photo in the Store. All funds raised support the this project.

F.I.S.P. Articles

This section records essays, blog posts, journal entries, and published articles following our FISP research. Please follow along. If you have any questions or comments please Contact Us with them.

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